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Introduction of straight knife for plate shears

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Introduction of straight knife for plate shears

The blade materials of plate shears generally include T10, 9CrSi, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, H13, alloy steel, and other materials. These products are widely used in the light industry, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, instruments, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structure construction, and decoration industries. This article will briefly introduce therechte mesgebruikt in plaatschaar.

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  1. Materiaal vanrechte mesfor plate shears

  2. Maintenance method ofstraight knife

Material ofstraight knifefor plate shears

There are three main types of materials selected for the blade of plate shears, namely carbon tool steel, low alloy tool steel, and alloy tool steel.

Carbon bonded tool steel

Carbon steel is generally made of 65, 75 steel, T8, T10, and other materials. The heat treatment hardness of the blade produced by this material is within the range of hrc57-59 degrees. It is suitable for the recycling and shearing of ordinary low-carbon cold-rolled plates, ordinary A3 plates, and waste. This feature is low cost and appropriate product price.

Low alloy tools

The commonly used materials of low alloy tool steel blades are 6CrW2Si, Cr5Mo1V, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, etc. the heat treatment hardness of the blade is within the range of HRC58-62 degrees. It is specially used to shear stainless steel, which is suitable for the shear of the hot-rolled plate, stainless steel, medium, and thick plate.

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The shear blade materials of alloy tool steel include 4Cr5MoSiV1 (H13), 7cr7mo2v2si9 (LD), W6Mo5Cr4V2 (6542), H13, etc. The blade of this material is used for hot rolling billets and hot shearing medium and thick steel plates. It is characterized by high-temperature resistance and difficult annealing. It is used for hot rolling and hot shearing processes in steel mills.

Maintenance method ofstraight knife

Only good maintenance can make the blade of plate shears have a long service life and make users use it more smoothly. The blade of the plate shearing machine belongs to one of the forging machineries, and its main function is the metal processing industry. Let's talk about the maintenance method of the blade of the plate shearing machine.

l Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

l Before each startup, add lubricating oil regularly, at fixed points and quantitatively according to the requirements of the lubrication chart. The oil shall be clean and free of precipitation.

l The blade of the plate shearing machine must be kept clean frequently, and the unpainted part must be protected from anti-rust grease.

l The lubricating oil in the motor bearing shall be replaced and filled regularly, and the electrical part shall be checked regularly for normal operation, safety and reliability.

l Regularly check whether the triangular belt, handle, knob, and key of the plate cutter blade are damaged. If the plate cutter blade is seriously worn, it shall be replaced in time and reported to the spare parts for a supplement.

l Regularly check and repair the switch, fuse and handle to ensure their reliable operation.

l Lubricate and scrub the machine tool 10 minutes before work every day.

l Non-designated personnel is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment. People must leave the machine and stop at ordinary times.

l Reasonably select the shearing clearance according to the thickness of the plate.

l De plaat mag niet worden gekleurd met onzuiverheden of harde voorwerpen.

Ik vermijd het snijden en lassen van oude platen.

Ik vermijd het scheren dikke platen buiten de limiet. Pas de speling tussen de bovenste en onderste bladen regelmatig aan.

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